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tomorrow. stick around for "the daily rundown" with mr. chuck todd. president obama nips talk of a short term budget deal in the bud. calls leaders back to the white house. define big. a fresh new hampshire poll out find mitt romney holding strong. both in the primary and general but michelle bachmann has made big gains. is it time for republicans to start rally ago rounds a single candidate? some leaders think so. we'll ask the head of the republican party whether he agrees. and look at these pictures. it's a massive -- this is real. not special effects. 50 mile dust storm. it envelopes phoenix, arizona. downed trees. delayed flights. cut off power to thousands. not rain, folks. dust. wednesday, july 6, 2011. i'm chuck todd. let me get to my first reads of the morning. the idea of a short term debt
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deal gaining momentum in the senate. president nipped that talk in the bud. >> heard reports that there may be some in congress who want to do just enough to make sure that america avoid defaulting on our debt in the short term but then wants to kick the can down the road when it comes to solving the larger problem of our deficit. i don't share that view. >> the president's public summons comes on top of an apparent back channel with house speaker john boehner. the president alluded to but neither side confirmed or denied. as far as the white house is concern it's time to do something big. what does big mean? apparently on the administration side or democratic side means something over $2 trillion often years. the president is willing to make use in entitlement, put that on the table if taxes are also left on the table. >> we need to take on spending
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in domestic programs. in defense programs. in entitlement programs. and we need to take on spending in the tax code. spending on certain tax breaks and deductions for the wealthiest of americans. it's my hope that everybody will leave their ultimatums at the door, we'll all leave our political rhetoric at the door. >> in response speaker boehner issued a tough statement which surprised some on the other end of pennsylvania avenue. he said quote i'm happy they discuss these issues at the white house but these discussions will be fruitless until the president recognizes economic and legislative reality. this could be good politics for john borne. what's going on here? the white house and speaker boehner actually have the same motivation, it's 2012. both need to do something and have accomplishments to get
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re-elected. that is the majority re-elected. boehner has his own issues. he doesn't want to get the base so mad he doesn't get re-elected. mitch mcconnell, the more washington doesn't get done it's good for the minority on that side considering that republicans are hoping to get majority of the u.s. senate. so, could we be seeing a divergence between mcconnell and boehner and if that's so does that play into the white house's hands if they want to cut a big are deal with boehner? that's why you're seeing a lot more talk between boehner and the president this time rather than the president and mcconnell. tomorrow's meeting at the white house will be crowded but eight members of congress are in the room including the democratic leader of the house, nancy pelosi which didn't make some folks happy, although the number twos are there, including cantor and steny hoyer who is the guy who has to whip votes for the president to get a deal through if nancy pelosi doesn't support it.
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this is about boehner and obama. the july 22nd, not a hard deadline but august 2nd is. turning to the race for 2012. news in the second quarter. mitt romney reporting he raised just over $18 million in the second quarter. 12.6 million in cash on hand. let's put this $18 million number in perspective. less than the 20 million plus he raised in the first full quarter of 2007. in fact he raised 23 million that time. good news for romney. he dominates in new hampshire. in a new poll 35% of likely republican primary voters say they will vote for romney. michelle bachmann is the only other candidate in double digits. bad news in the poll for jon huntsman. 2% of the vote. hundredsman can't catch a break in the endorsement game. his former chief of staff, utah congressman and future senator is endorsing mitt romney calling
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him more lectable. interesting number for you this morning in iowa. iowa republicans are souring on ethanol subsidies. in a new poll conducted by consumer voter research, for the iowa republican 47% of likely republican caucus goers have a very or somewhat positive view of a candidate who wants to cut ethanol subsidies. 24% have a negative reaction to that. finally overnight, tim pawlenty's numbers got higher. he's bringing in the daughter of mike huckabee to run his campaign. she helped put together that campaign in iowa for her dad to win the caucuses and finish second in the straw poll. in an effort to engage the young and tech savvy the president is holding a tweet up this
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afternoon. topic is the economy and jobs but the thousands of 140 character or less queries submitted versus the ask obama hash tag includes marijuana legalization. and the rnc is going up with an ad on national cable today hitting the president on the economy. the first of four ads they are releasing in the next month. let's take a look at this first one. >> left turn after left turn. america is headed the wrong way fast. 6 million foreclosures, 14 trillion in debt, 500 billion in higher taxes and the worst long term unemployment end generations. don't let obama drive us to disaster. change direction. >> here to explain the strategy behind the rnc's new ad, the chairman of the republican national committee. so you're going up this early with a tough ad on the president. why? >> well, i mean, we have to,
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obviously, get our economy turned around and we see the president as a person who just doesn't get it. the evidence is very clear on the trajectory that we're heading in this country. i've talked about it many times and so has many people, obviously, around the country that, you know, we're facing a trajectory under this president's watch of a debt that's so out of control that he's going to end up under his policies accumulating more debt than every single president before him combined. so, i mean it's obvious we need to get our spending under control in this country. that's the debate we're having in washington today. this ad is highlighting the fact that we need to change courses in this country. >> if a republican house majority and the president are able to come to some sort of agreement in the next three or four weeks of something fairly substantial over $2 trillion do you pull this ad? >> no, i don't pull the ad. i mean, obviously, there's a lot
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going on here under the president's watch that's out of control. number one a failed stimulus bill. obamacare that we'll have to pay for in perpetuity unless we defeat this president that puts our debt trajectory out of control in and of itself. that's a problem as well. we're trying to highlight these things to the american people so that we can start putting our country back on course. >> mr. chairman, how concerned are you? we've done a little bit of math here. in the first big quarter of 2007 in the republican presidential primary the top three candidates in fundraising were mitt romney, rudy giuliani, john mccain. it looks like right now combined the candidates might not even top 40 million combined. we already saw romney underperformed his own mark last time. there may only be one other candidate overall that gets to $10 million raised. you had three last time. what's going on. why was there more republican
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donors contributing to more candidates in 2007 than there is this time. >> well, i don't think a whole lot is going on, chuck. there's a lot of candidates to choose from. there's a lot of people in the field. a lot of people are working. >> the field was pretty large last time. there were some ten candidates. >> that's true. it's early, chuck. i think people are trying to measure up the republican candidates. there isn't necessarily a front-runner and so i think it spread the field out a little bit. but i also know there's a lot of time. i think the news cycle is incredibly fast. i'm not saying it was slow in 2008. it's even faster than it was back then. these candidates will have a lot of time to get the iowa. i don't think, chuck, seriously, i don't think anyone believes that we're going to -- that this will come down to a lack of funds in order to get the message out. obviously the president is working overtime. i call him the campaigner in chief and he's raising money hand over fist from millionaires
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across the country and he did the same thing in 2008. so we'll have to compete with that. but i also think we'll have a much more vibrant debate on our side of the aisle. you spent in your eight minute opening, half of your time talking about the republican field and that's the benefit to having all of these candidates vying for the republican nomination. >> right. i want to pick up something, congressman chavez said about why he wants to get behind mitt romney now. he's endorsing mitt romney. obviously, there's a little bit of internal politic there's because of his connections to jon huntsman. one of the reasons he gave was, he said it's time to rally around romney, he's the guy ahead, got the bigger organization. if the goal is to beat obama what do you think of that idea there? do you buy in this idea you got rally around the nominee early or can you afford a long traun out process? >> it worked pretty well for
9:11 am
obama. his process was drawn out all the way through june of 2008 between him and hillary clinton. and i'm not saying that that's the greatest thing either. but, you know, i happen to believe that primaries are a good thing. we had, obviously when i was chairman in wisconsin we had primaries for governor. primaries in the u.s. senate race. we have scott walker. primaries allow for much more vibrant debate. it energizes your base. it energizes your donor base as well. so i don't really subscribe to the theory that you have to have a front-runner. i know some people do. they have every right to speak out and put their chips on table and get behind who they want. i happen to believe it helps us in the long run. >> you still believe this field go grow? >> i think it's possible. obviously governor perry is out there and i think, like i said before, by the end of summer the field will solidify and then we'll be off to the races.
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>> all right. we'll get these ads every week. a new one each week? >> we'll do it for four weeks in a row. i know we're gets our message out. we bought ad space on your show. >> there you go. thanks for coming on this morning. >> thank you, chuck. >> all right. up next on capitol hill, everything except the debt ceiling is off the table this week. did you know that? republicans holding eletronic on their no new tax pledge. is there room for compromise. wall street ended their five day gain as they hold their breath for the job report. and the president's schedule? you're watching the daily run down. pound twitter. did it make to 140 character? we'll see. can't wait to see how they pull this off today. watching msnbc. ♪
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as we reported leaders from both parties and all caucuses and conferences will be heading to the white house tomorrow. luke russert covers capitol hill for us. luke, the invite list didn't seem to go over well with everybody on your side of pennsylvania avenue. tell us about that. >> reporter: in terms of, chuck, on the house side? >> yes, that's right. >> reporter: you know, a lot of folks are saying, look, you have these big group of folks who will come together at the white house later on tomorrow, this elite eight. this debate will be settled by speak he boehner and president
9:17 am
obama and the one thing we've heard from the speaker's office recently is that they are trying to figure out what exactly is going to be in the trillion. we heard trillions not billions for a long time. within these trillions of dollars of cuts, it becomes the real question how much is domestic, how much is defense and how much will we talk about any sort of tax raising revenue. so far as you know, republicans have said that's not an option at all, now we're talking, we're hearing from one source i spoke on the democratic side possibly $500 billion in medicare savings. will republicans not raise taxes at all even though they get $500 billion in medicare savings. president obama will put out a lot of carrots in this meeting tomorrow and possibly the next few weeks to see what exactly will get a bite from the republican side. republicans have told me they want to have some serious tax reform but can you get tax reform i.e. some sort of deal that would lower the corporate tax rate and not raise taxes on individuals in the next three weeks.
9:18 am
that's a tough sell, chuck. >> luke, one of the other things i've heard from my side of pennsylvania avenue on this is that in their minds, i might actually be easier for boehner and the president to sell a big deal rather than a short term deal. while we all made a big deal that the president said we don't have time for a short term deal that's out of the question and on paper it looks easier. politics of big deal is easer. >> reporter: this is where the divide is in the republican party. a lot have floated the idea of a short term extension. why does mitch mcconnell want to do that? if this issue comes up closer to election time and republicans were able to say look democrats voted to increase the debt that would be an issue. house republicans, though don't want this battle close to election time because it looks like they will increase the debt. that haurts a republican base
9:19 am
that fuelled a lot of these new members coming in to house to. if john boehner and barack obama don't want to face this, mitch mcconnell would not mind seeing it. that being said with boehner and obama making the big decision it most likely will be a bigger deal than a piecemeal deal, chuck. >> we'll see. three weeks, could be a lot of all nighters. >> july 22nd is what the deadline is. we heard august 2nd. they need time to sell this thing. >> i've heard the 22nd can move. it's august 2nd that cannot. >> reporter: absolutely. they need some time to sell this thing. >> get your sleeping bag out, buddy. on capitol hill, thanks luke. after seeing the five day winning streak snap markets try to start a neutrally today. joining me now michele
9:20 am
caruso-cabrera. >> reporter: we'll know if the markets were worried if we saw a sharp rise in interest rates and in fact interests rates have not been going up they have been going down. markets have been far more concerned about a weaker economy and whether or not all the at that tima points have been negative. as for today it looks like we'll have a slightly weak open. call it flat trade. you won't see a lot of action or decisive moves until friday when we get the jobs report. that's the daddy of economic report. washington's report card so to speak and that drives the markets. the other news this morning is china raised interest rates again sleight and that's hurt oil a little bit and that's down so good news for gasoline prices. >> michele, thanks very much. up next not just republicans and democrats who can't agree on anything, try the billionaire nba owners and millionaire players are dead locked over a new collective bargaining
9:21 am
agreement. could we be looking at a year with no basketball and football. first today's trivia question from the almanac of american politic, though he went on the win the presidency in 1988, george h.w. bush came in third in the iowa caucus. who were the two republicans that finished ahead of him that year. the answer and more coming up on the call they rundown. should be pretty easy, guys. [ female announcer ] what if your natural beauty could be flawless too?
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well, will the clock run out before this year's nba season, the next nba season. owners and players are as far apart on contract negotiations as many believe may very well come down the buzzer and then some. gordon schultze is a sports columnist for the "huffington post" and joins us now. all right. let me start with three issues.
9:25 am
we know it's guaranteed contracts, revenue sharing and salary caps. so the owners are saying please players stop us because we can't stop ourselves? >> exactly, chuck. the players, those ultimately need to recognize that guaranteed contracts have been the death sentence of the nba. this is something they need to give up for the new cba to be healthy. a perfect example is eddy curry made $11.2 million without playing a single minute of a single game. that's how dysfunctional guaranteed contracts are. >> on revenue sharing, this has to do with the split and what goes to players and what goes to the league. the league wants more and to be a cynic here, the league has run out of way, owners has run out of ways to basically milk taxpayers for free arenas. >> i think the fair point in some respects, chuck. the lack of revenue sharing in addition to guaranteed contracts
9:26 am
has been the death spiral to the nba for a league that prize itself on being able to appeal to young demographic, both men and women. the lack of revenue sharing has destroyed this league. they want to slash players' salary by 38%. it's a significant problem for the league. >> to the lakers local tv money does that get thrown into the pool or not? >> in a sense it does, yes. the problem is the major be market teams, the small market teams can't compete with the major market franchises. so they have a monopoly. not just financially but also on the floor. since david stern has been commissioner only eight teams has won an nba championship. that shows you the lack of parity. >> baseball has a salary cap. at this point the predictions
9:27 am
are we'll have at least a delay because they've done this before. they got rid about half of the season about 12 years ago. >> in 1999 we only had about a 50 game season. that's when the spurs won the championship then. the deadline is january 6th. if they can get it by january 6th then we'll be able to salvage a 50 game season. from what i'm hearing the owners and players are further apart than what they were two weeks ago. i'm not here to pick sides. the elephant in the room is the fans. the fans support these inequities between the dysfunctional relationship between the players and the fans. with unemployment as high as 9% a family of four can't attend an nba game. >> the cost of what it takes. never mind the taxpayer subsidies. no talk of contraction by the way getting rid of a couple of teams? >> a couple of teams is the most you'll see. that's a last resort from
9:28 am
everything i've heard. >> thank you very much, sir. >> thanks, chuck. >> up next developing news of possible explosive devices on planes traveling into the u.s. we'll have to figure this out. if you thought the media was getting ugly in the u.s., let's see what happened in britain? a scandal at a tabloid owned by rudolph murdock is underway. s, crunchy oats and... hey! don't forget me!! honey nut cheerios. make it your favorite too!
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9:32 am
phoenix, arizona last night. the haboob was animated 50 miles wide. reached up to 10,000 feet. look at that. looks like be a special effects. some big birthdays. 450e79th bitt happy oweth birthday to nancy reagan. her husbands would be 100 this year. george bush is now eligible for medicare and social security, he's 65. we're following new warnings from tsa about terrorist threats aboard u.s. bound planes. pete williams put this in perspective. >> tsa has advised the operators that fly into the u.s. they found intelligence of surgically
9:33 am
implanting fully made explosive devices or components in to passengers that are flying into the u.s.. they stress they haven't detected actual plots, no imminent threat. but they say it's intelligence they've developed. they are not further elaborating. if this were to be carried out a further refinemen of trying to conceal explosives much more so than the underwear bomber and to be more explicit we're not talking about body cavities, we're talking about surgical insertion of these device. so presumably a suicide attempt and the material would function inside the body. there's some way of detonating it without opening the person back up. what passengers can expect to see and by the way this is folks overseas coming in to the u.s. and americans returning home is more security at the airport, more pat downs, more use of these explosive trace devices
9:34 am
where they schwab your hands with those fabric samples. you may be questioned more about airport personnel. so you're going to see more intentionive security here for a while. >> is this something -- they are hoping they can do the trace on fingernails or on their fingers, i understand that. is this something a pat-down can get done? >> i don't think there's any one thing they do that would detect this. it's going to be very difficult to detect. no question about this. what they hope is that all the measures put together can discourage, prevent or detect. this is potentially very serious if they were to carry it out. >> is it from al qaeda? would they even say that? >> they just say terrorist organizations. >> they don't specifically name al qaeda? >> i had a brief conversation with one official this morning we hope to learn more details as we go through the day. i think at this point they are
9:35 am
concerned about the fact that it's been discussed at all. >> tsa put this out publicly. this isn't something that leaked out. >> no. >> they wanted this out publicly. >> for two reasons. they already told the foreign and international and domestically based airlines that fly in and out of the u.s. they told the operators of the airports now they are making it public because passengers are going to see more security when they come here and i suspect they also want the bad guys to know they are hip to this. >> pete williams our justice correspondent. i have a feeling you have a busy day. could be. all right, pete, thanks. how far will some journalists go for a scoop? there's some shocking allegations against a british tabloid. news of the world. gotten so bad that even the prime minister of great britain has gotten involved. he's calling for an independent inquiry into charges that the paper hacked or tried to hack into the cell phones of murder victims and their families.
9:36 am
michele this is disgusting. what's the inquiry going to do? what could the punishment be for this newspaper? >> reporter: that's the exact word that people are using today, disgust, disgraceful, heinous. a little background. this has been an absolute mess for the last couple of years. people have gone to prison for this already. huge settlements paid out in court. news of the world has admitted to and apologized for certain incidents of hacking into the voice mafls celebrities with the help of a private investigator. the problem is that since this broke around 2007 it's only gotten bigger and far worse. it came out recently there could be now thousands of victims of hacking but what has truly outraged britain is the allegation that just came out that the news of the world may have hacked into the voice mill of a 13-year-old girl who was abducted and murder while she was missing and that hacker
9:37 am
deleted some of her voice males which gave her family all of this false hope she might still be alive. furthermore now there are allegations that other families of victims of the london bombings, for example, of the missing child madeleine mccann may have also been victims of this hacking. today there was an emergency session before parliament. the prime minister is calling for two investigations into this. news world is owned by rupert murdoch and says yes they are concerned, they will cooperate with police and do their own investigation. but the extent of this, chuck, is really jaw dropping to the average citizen here in britain and making headlines around the world too. >> put news of the world in perspective. what kind of status does the newspaper have in london say vis-a-vis another newscorp publication here like the "new york post". >> these things always do extremely well.
9:38 am
they are the brightly colored tabloids with the crazy headlines that you see at the supermarket. you can't resist them. >> is it more "national enquirer" than "new york post"? >> it's kind of in between because a lot of their headlines are shock but there's truth within them. they get a lot of exclusives. some people who have been imply indicated in the past said look we're not making excuses but i was under enormous pressure to deliver results, which angered some people to even read that because they say hey you know what? there's no explanation for hacking into people's voice males. what's interesting is what we don't hear a lot about is how they did it exactly. we know that they had -- during the early investigation they found tons of phone numbers in the offices of news world. but the technological side we
9:39 am
don't know. >> michele thanks very much. up next, it's our hump day political panel. we'll talk white house messaging in 140 characters or less as we get ready for the president's first-ever twitter town hall. plus jon hundredsman roll out bounce. newt gingrich's effort to save his campaign. he's in debt big time. and soup of the day? chicken noodle. i guess it's an edible soup you have while you tweet 140 characters at a time. you're watching the daily run down rundown only on msnbc. of new ce. for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them.
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9:43 am
when you hear that the president is going to have a twitter town hall, to you roll your eyes completely or do you say -- >> i get it. both. i understand kind of the current technologies and trying to be hip and convey a sense that you're with it and you're up to tate. but i do roll my eyes because, still whose following the president? mostly it's supporters or people like you, journalists. i think elections are about swing voters orca sue all voters. i think those people are reachable more likely on television than the mass media. >> you've discussed this. between be candidate obama and president obama. they've had some high-profile
9:44 am
things like this twitter thing and facebook. they haven't used new technology as aggressively as they did during the campaign. >> it's hard when you're in the white house. sometimes it's hard to get your information. the day is so packed. doesn't give the flexibility that being a candidate does. they are trying. you mentioned the white house and campaigning issue. this is campaigning a bit. remember that other social media town hall with facebook. it was a big deal. out in california. got a lot of attention. this won't get the same amount of attention but an attempt to get another bite at the apple 18 to 29-year-olds who were part of his base in 2008. >> there's a reality here which this is the week of the debt talks. they start tomorrow bringing back in, obviously some weekend chatter between the president and the speaker that we're all finding out a little bit about. this is a day because of the shiny metal object that's twitter the president gets to put his side out again. i think that's ultimately what we're looking at today.
9:45 am
>> he's not limited to 140 characters. >> that's what i'm curious about. is he or isn't he. >> can you solve the debt ceiling in 140 characters? yes, balanced approach. i got some to spare. >> hashtag 2012. the president yesterday, the tone went a lot different than wednesday. >> you know, this is a -- it was always going to be and it will be a perils of pauline moment. to the extent that there's going to be agreement and i still believe in the end there's going to be agreement because there has to be agreement, neither side can give what they need to give and particularly these republicans until this train is bearing down on the poor young girl tied to the tracks. you can make a case that it's going to run over here this time, but the things they have to give on revenue as we call it
9:46 am
they can only give at the last minute. >> stu, what fascinates me in three months. three months all the wise men and women said the deal will be struck in the united states senate. the irony is that those guys are the first ones to say short term deal cut and run. go, go, go. the senate guys are basically on the sidelines. this is obama and boehner and to a lesser extent steny hoyer. >> house republicans are the true believers and drew the line in the sand. they are the key to this. then the white house has adopted a number of different strategies, i suspect will continue to kind of move around and find the right place, the president appears to be engaged but not responsible if the public is actually angry at the end. day. >> is the public going to be angry about this? it's been a year. it's a weird disconnect between what's going on in washington
9:47 am
and the public. >> up talked about wall street, how there's -- >> they are not reacting either. >> nobody quite believes we'll fall off the end of the cliff. they think this is all kind of the drama building. we've seen it before. it will work itself out. if at some point there's a true fear that wow there may not be a deal in time then you'll see anger. >> the public will react when the market drops by 500 points in a single afternoon. >> stick around. we have a lot to talk about. a bunch of 2012 news. and new jersey, the craziness between chris christie and his one time democratic friend. and we ask though he went on to win the presidency in 1988, george h.w. bush came in third in the iowa caucus. which two republicans finished ahead of him that year? bob dole came in first but the winner was pat robertson who came in second and forever
9:48 am
changed the game of the republican side of the iowa caucuses. up next as we tease more 2012 but a little talk about the new jersey smackdown. this politics or jersey shore? we'll explain next. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. at bayer, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain twice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin.
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all right. let's bring back our panel. i want to take a diversion to new jersey. it could have presidential political implication. a smackdown between chris christy who was on a victory tour about his budget and the democratic leader of the senate. take a listen. >> senator sweeney has done something that is very rare in public life today. he was able to erode just a little bit of the cynicism that public has about those in public life. because if i've given you a hypothetical that a president
9:52 am
put forward on his proposal that he knew only a third of his caucus would support, you would tell me it was a movie script that would not sell in today's cynical world. >> well, that was before governor christy did a line-item veto. did he a bunch of line item vetos and this is what senator sweeney said after he read the bill. he said this is probably the most disappointing day that i've had as a legislator the entire time i've been here. to prove a point, he decided to hurt people in a very mean spirited way. then he went on to use the mr. p word. he called him lots of bad words. ruth marcus, you're from new jersey s this par for the course or a dialogue that maybe governor christy brought into vogue? >> i'm not just a jersey girl,
9:53 am
governor christy and i share the same hometown. i have a little bit of problem with governor christy getting all hot and bothered about the language being used because he's used some of that language himself. he got all tough on -- >> we should say, he's a rotten b. i mean that is straight up what he called him. didn't do it on camera, i guess. >> you know, i think there is a very fine line between the tough talk that has gotten governor christy notice and he's a real guy, he's a tough guy and authentic. and the sort of line crossing that i think occurred from both sides here. and, no, it's not -- you know, it's not jersey shore. the governor a while ago criticized jersey shore. everybody should turn the volume down. >> you know, stu, it is governor christy's temperament that made him popular with the tea party crowd. >> i remember talking to republican strategists a couple months ago who said to me when
9:54 am
all the christy stuff was circulating, the question about christy is over the long haul. people get tired of the style. they really like the sense. he'll tell you the truth, shoot from the hip. he's not the traditional politician. but is he just too rough aren't edges? after a while, people say it was enough. it was fun for a while. i don't want a president like. that i think that's a big problem. >> all right. a couple things on the 2012 front. mitt romney's fund-raising numbers came out today. you did research about the collective totals. it's stark. >> it is stark. the 27-28 field ended up having john mccain and mitt romney himself and rudy giuliani. the top three is back man, romney, ron paul. it will be substantially less. what's interesting to me, romney's numbers, $18.25 million, that is less than the first full quarter of 2007. also, it's half of what barack obama brought in his first four
9:55 am
quarters as a presidential candidate where he got nearly $35 million. >> apples to apples, mitt raised more money this time than he raised last time. >> he didn't write a check. so there is some difference there. >> no, this was the raw -- apples to apples, $23 million to $18 million. >> the problem is we know this is not a shock. there is a lack of enthusiasm, a sense of is this all there? there was a famous song, wasn't there? this is the field? and that might change over time as republicans get a nominee and people see it with obama. early on, i think a lot of people on the sidelines. >> i was just about to use that same word. there is a lot of money on the sidelines. it is pretty surprising about these numbers, though, is yes, people are waiting to see what's more. they're also very energized to beat obama and prevent his re-election. you're going to see the money come forward at some point. >> it's going to come, when does it come?
9:56 am
>> tsunami ahead. >> quickly, shameless plug -- let's look at the budget talks. >> on the dave the twitter town hall, my 14-year-old is making fun of me not having enough twitter followers. >> that's easy. >> thank you. >> derek jeter, two hits yesterday, four to go until 3,000. >> i think it's great. great for derek jeter. i can't wait for the paul molitor hbo special. those are all great hbo specials. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." we'll see you tomorrow. company.what i tomorrow, don't miss "andrea bea mitchell reports."wl tinted moisturizers with scientifically proven soy complex and natural minerals. give you sheer coverage instantly, then go on to even skin tone in four weeks.
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